School Field Trips

The Adventure Park at Heritage Museums & Gardens is the perfect place for your School Field Trips!

Whether you come for just a few hours, or stay for the whole day, The Adventure Park is the perfect place for your next field trip!  With over 65 climbing challenges, 5 difficulty levels and many zip lines, there is something In The Trees for just about everyone.

Climb & Learn Field Trips

The Adventure Park is an ideal destination for school field trips.  Mix and match the extensive resources of the Auto Gallery, the Gardens and The Adventure Park to craft the perfect outing for your students.

Group rates with optional add-on lunch options are available. Depending on the selections made, on-site time for Adventure Park field trips can range from 2.5 to 5 hours. Chaperones climb free (1 chaperone for every 10 climbers), and there is free bus parking on-site! Call for information, or to book your field trip today dial (508)866-0199.

Below are some examples of educational programs that can be added to a 2-hour climbing session in the tree tops:

Workings of a Woodland Workshop (Grades 6-8)
Uncover the inner workings of the forest ecosystem and discover the interdependence of the organisms that live there. Working together, students will identify the layers of the forest, discuss the life cycle of trees and describe the interactions that occur within the forest ecosystem. Small groups will gather data to determine the current state of Heritage’s forest succession and share their observations while considering the human impact on the ecosystem. Click HERE to see the curriculum for this workshop.

Sizing Up Trees Workshop (Grades 6-9)
Explore techniques used by professional foresters to identify, measure and estimate the height, circumference, diameter, age and growth rate of trees. Working together in small groups, students will practice math skills by using various methods and tools to compare their results and evaluate the accuracy of each method. Groups will chart and share their findings. Click HERE to see the curriculum for this workshop.

Leadership Adventure Workshop (Grades 8-12)
Students will identify their primary leadership “direction.” They will analyze the strength and weaknesses of their style, reflect on how they can improve their skills, and discuss how their methods complement other leadership styles. Click HERE to see the curriculum for this workshop.


To explore fully the range of field trip activities offered through Heritage Museums, please visit: Heritage Field Trips 

School programs are taught by Heritage Museum Instructors and meet state curriculum requirements. They can be booked by contacting The Adventure Park at 508-866-0199 and are offered at the group rate of $11 per student.

Not a school?

Don’t worry, this program is a great opportunity for everyone, and is available to any group! Call us for more information–(508) 866-0199!

School Field Trips, The Adventure Park at Heritage

Cancellation Policy for School Groups

The Adventure Park is generally open rain or shine. If the park is unable to open or is forced to close early during your visit due to severe weather, you are given the option to reschedule your outing or to receive a refund (excluding the deposit) of the paid amount. Please read our Group Weather Policy.

Otherwise, our cancellation policy is as follows:
– Cancellations made 10 or more days in advance of your reservation will be refunded the reservation fee, excluding the $150 non-refundable deposit.
– Cancellations made less than 10 days in advance of your reservation are no longer eligible for a refund but full payment can be applied to a rescheduled visit to the park.
Groups that are a “no-show” for their reservation on the reserved day/time are not eligible to be refunded or rescheduled.